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Today’s PSHE Lesson

My Body, Your Body (Boys And Girls)

This lesson seeks to let pupils know that their body will soon begin to change and reassure them that this is quite normal. Ensuring that they know about the body parts that are called ‘private parts’ and the specific names for these will help them to discuss the topic. It will help them to understand terminology used now and later in their learning and it will help them to accurately report any instances of inappropriate touch that they may encounter. It is about keeping pupils safe and talking openly about their body belonging to them and the parts that are particularly private.

What We Covered In The PSHE Lesson

Here’s what we went through today...

  • Where their ‘private parts’ are located and the names of these (anus, nipples, vulva, vagina, testicles and penis).
  • Keeping these ‘private parts’ covered especially in public.
  • Their body belonging to them and they have discussed how situations where they feel uncomfortable or scared about inappropriate touch should be talked about with a trusted adult.
  • How their body changes and how humans may feed their young with their own milk through nipples.
  • How female breasts develop to feed their young and their hips widen to accommodate baby development.
  • How the male body grows bigger including the penis and testicles.

How You Can Help From Home

Here’s what you can talk about during dinner...

  • Ask your child if they know the names of the ‘private parts’ and where they are.
  • Ask your child why they are called ‘private parts’.
  • Remind them who they can talk to if they are afraid or uncomfortable with anyone touching their body that they know.
  • Talk about how they were fed as a baby and how they grew and developed.

Go Above & Beyond 

Here are some other ideas to support your childs PSHE lessons...

  • Look at family photos together and talk about development from birth.
  • Talk about the changes that the body goes through in the human life cycle and how it prepares the body for producing offspring.
  • Use the names that your child has been taught in the lesson at home when you discuss these body parts.
  • Remind them regularly who they can talk to if they are worried or if they have questions.

When it comes to your child’s development, teachers and parents are better together! By aligning our goals and education techniques, we can better realise our vision of positively preparing your child for their future.

LifeWise Team

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Great helpful company, helping us set up our own taylor made scheme as a school. Great training so far.
Claire Bond
Claire Bond
March 30, 2021.
The pupils at our school are really enjoying the lifewise scheme. The scheme is very staff-friendly and easy to monitor. More staff are now teaching lifewise as a consequence and all the DfE statutory guidance (+more) is covered. The staff at lifewise are extremely professional. As it is a digital platform, lessons are constantly being up-dated and improved.
Sarah Hadfield
Sarah Hadfield
March 29, 2021.
A brilliant company with a well thought out program of study. Children are enjoying it. Very easy to contact and speak to with any questions and queries 🙂
Jack Rutterford
Jack Rutterford
March 29, 2021.
Lifewise is a fantastic tool to use. It is easy and clear to navigate and as well as in class we have used Lifewise during remote learning sessions, whilst in lockdown. I would thoroughly recommend this 'wellbeing session' tool to any school. It is exceptional.
Niomi Clyde Roberts
Niomi Clyde Roberts
March 28, 2021.
Lifewise was so helpful for my online ELSA sessions. The format gave the children the chance to express their emotions. They loved the quiz and enjoyed the conversation.
March 28, 2021.
Really great resource. Thank you for sharing this so willingly for teachers during lockdown.
March 28, 2021.
This is a terrific resource for our pupils, particularly during Lockdown .They look forward it; just wish we’d had it sooner!
Fiona Cameron
Fiona Cameron
March 21, 2021.
Great resource! We have been using LifeWise for 3 weeks now, the children and our staff love it. I would highly recommend.
Anita Nardiello
Anita Nardiello
March 18, 2021.
Highly recommend! An amazing experience - Provides children with a brilliant platform for their future
sofia Edwards
sofia Edwards
March 16, 2021.
Excellent platform for children to use. Very easy to use
Ash Millar
Ash Millar
March 5, 2021.


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