LifeWise qualifies for PE and Sport Funding

Instantly access your whole school’s new activity PSHE programme, with lessons to inspire, motivate and engage your pupils in active learning. Easy to use and immediately accessible resources that will complement and enhance your existing schemes of work. Let ‘Lenny LifeWise’ help improve attitudes, personal skills and lives.

Benefits of LifeWise for Primary Schools

For Pupils

  • Strengthens pupils’ physical health
  • Educates pupils about their mental wellbeing​
  • Equips pupils with skills for life
  • Encourages the right values and maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Teaches necessary survival skills

For Schools:

  • Positively impact the lives of your students
  • Save valuable resources for your school
  • Improve the quality of your P.S.H.E lessons and educate PSHE
  • Equip your teachers and coaching providers with 4 years worth of empowering content

4 years' worth of PSHE delivery targeted at specific age ranges

Lessons covering topics such as mental health, healthy lifestyles, first aid, cyber safety and finance

Pre-planned lessons with easy step-by-step guides to save time for teachers and coaches

Interactive, offline materials to teach pupils and encourage engagement

What Schools Say

These sessions have had a marked impact on class-based learning, with teachers commenting on children’s increase in their behaviour for learning. For example, during a maths lesson, a child talked about a LifeWise lesson about never giving up; the teacher saw a marked improvement in this child’s resilience in maths problem solving.

Mrs Jones
Headteacher of Landewednack School

What Schools Say

We have used LifeWise for a number of years now, and have always been impressed with the team’s enthusiasm and professionalism in their method of sports coaching and sports delivery in the lessons we have used them for. Now, they have created the prep for life programmes and we are currently running “The Lifestyle Programme” which not only teaches the requirements of the P.E. National Curriculum but also covers much of our PSED programme. We are proud to support this project which engages the children to learn life skills along with healthy lifestyle lessons about things such as healthy eating, nutritional values and screen time. Couple this with the fact that each child receives a “cool” sticker album to complete throughout the year as a learning journal, which the children absolutely love, LifeWise are certainly raising the quality of PSHE in my school.

Mr Dye
Head Teacher of Park Eglos School

What Schools Say

Since Sam and his colleagues at LifeWise have worked with our children, we have noticed a significant improvement in pupil wellbeing and the attitudes towards respect for themselves and each other. The way life skills are incorporated into the delivery of their physical education lessons are impressive, and the resources, delivery, professionalism of staff, and their passion are infectious. All of the children who take part in the programme engage with it fully and look forward to the sessions all week. Furthermore, it has engaged parents with their children’s learning even further as they interact with their resource books. Myself and all of the staff at our school highly recommend LifeWise – but, even more importantly: so do our children!

Joshua McDonald
Headteacher of St Buryan