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160 PSHE “click and play” lessons.

Interactive lessons and downloadable workbooks
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What is LifeWise?

We provide schools with a unique remote delivery and in-class PSHE education platform that children and teachers love.

  • 160 lessons available for remote or in-class versions
  • Cartoon adventures and interactive content, gamified quizzes, children workbooks 
  • Indoor and outdoor challenges and activity time for play-based learning
  • Click and play end to end lessons saving teachers hours of planning time

How it works

Our lessons couldn’t be easier. Supported by four clear steps that enable you to achieve your learning outcomes while creating a memorable and active environment for your class.


Login and select a lesson


Listen to the fun audio story


Step by step slide show and quizes


Activity time with video tutorial

Do you think children have the tools they need to live a happy and healthy life?

Sadly, the facts speak louder than opinion. We are hearing more and more about knife crime, diabetes, depression, screen time, anxiety and so many other problems right here in the UK. These problems are crippling our youth and if left unresolved, impact us as adults. After speaking to industry experts our societal role sits right alongside support and education. By educating our youth we should aim to fix the cause, rather than treating the symptoms which manifest at any point in life. Read More

Education has two key locations for children: at home and at school. Our comprehensive PSHE education platform provides guidance in line with the National Curriculum and Ofsted. It addresses topics that parents and teachers have both agreed should be taught in schools but currently are not. Using technology we are able bridge the gap and reinforce education between both schools and parents. We put children into a fun, active and positive environment to ensure retention and understanding is achieved. Help us change the lives of our children and redefine what it is to make a child happy and healthy in such a challenging and rapidly evolving world.

Tyson Fury urges
more openness on
mental health issues

Heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury has encouraged other athletes to speak out about mental health issues after he confronted his own “terrible” problems.

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Ofsted: Schools made no difference to obesity problem

Ofsted chief inspector Amanda Spielman was really, really clear on this. It is not something schools can sort out on their own, just as obesity is not something schools can sort out on their own.

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Mental Health Concerns Raised Over Children

Service practitioners who had experience working with children indicated that many kids had unpleasant experiences with social media. What’s more, some of those children were as young as two-years-old

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Reimagining education together

Reimagining Education is truly eye-opening as it explains why our education system in the UK (and beyond) needs to evolve in order for young people to thrive in this world of constant change

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World Mental Health Day

From Stephen Fry and Glenn Close to Prince Harry and Lady Gaga, more and more famous people are breaking down the stigma.

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Nadiya: Anxiety And Me

Nadiya has been living with debilitating anxiety and panic attacks since childhood. In Nadiya: Anxiety And Me, she shares her journey through her first course of therapy.

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Actor Idris Elba pleads for an end to 'stupid' knife crime

Expressing the urgent need for a shift in attitude towards knife crime to come from the communities where youngsters are most likely to carry such weapons

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Every person’s childhood defines who we are. Our goal is to provide every child with a positive educational environment and the essential skills that will prepare them for life, both in and outside of a classroom.

Ezra Chapman
Director at LifeWise

Programme Features

We work directly with schools, giving them all the resources they need to prepare lessons with our 4 programmes:

  • The Mental Wellbeing Programme
  • The Lifestyle Programme
  • The Life Prep Programme
  • The Survival Programme

LifeWise Curriculum

  • All the UK national curriculum +
  • Strengthens pupils’ physical health
  • Educates pupils about their mental wellbeing
  • Equips pupils with skills for life
  • Encourages the right values and maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Teaches necessary survival skills

What Does the LifeWise Programme Provide?

We spoke to 1000 parents and teachers to find out what topics and methods they valued most when it came to educating and preparing their children for life. We designed our programmes according to their insights and provide the following:

4 years' worth of PSHE delivery targeted at specific age ranges

Lessons covering topics such as mental health, healthy lifestyles, first aid, cyber safety and finance

Pre-planned lessons with easy step-by-step guides to save time for teachers and coaches

Interactive, offline materials to teach pupils and encourage engagement

Programme Benefits For Schools

We use interactive tools and the power of activity and sport to better prepare children for their futures. Here’s why you should join today:

  • Positively impact the lives of your students
  • Save valuable resources for your school
  • Improve the quality of your PSHE lessons
  • Equip your teachers and coaching providers with 4 years’ worth of empowering content

Quite the opposite. With the next four years of age-specific lesson plans already taken care of, it reduces the workload on teachers significantly.

We always offer support when you need it. We are here to help with regular contact and CPD via seminars, webinars and first-hand delivery in your school or a local school.

Yes, each programme is tailored to each year group in your school, including aims, information, activity, and learning objectives.

No. Our servers don't handle any credit card information. We use Stripe to process payments. Stripe is a trusted payment provider across the world and works with companies of all sizes such as asos,, deliveroo and oxfam

What Schools Say

These sessions have had a marked impact on class-based learning, with teachers commenting on children’s increase in their behaviour for learning. For example, during a maths lesson, a child talked about a LifeWise lesson about never giving up; the teacher saw a marked improvement in this child’s resilience in maths problem solving.

Mrs Jones
Headteacher of Landewednack School

What Schools Say

We have used LifeWise for a number of years now, and have always been impressed with the team’s enthusiasm and professionalism in their method of sports coaching and sports delivery in the lessons we have used them for. Now, they have created the prep for life programmes and we are currently running “The Lifestyle Programme” which not only teaches the requirements of the P.E. National Curriculum but also covers much of our PSED programme. We are proud to support this project which engages the children to learn life skills along with healthy lifestyle lessons about things such as healthy eating, nutritional values and screen time. Couple this with the fact that each child receives a “cool” sticker album to complete throughout the year as a learning journal, which the children absolutely love, LifeWise are certainly raising the quality of PSHE in my school.

Mr Dye
Head Teacher of Park Eglos School

What Schools Say

Since Sam and his colleagues at LifeWise have worked with our children, we have noticed a significant improvement in pupil wellbeing and the attitudes towards respect for themselves and each other. The way life skills are incorporated into the delivery of their physical education lessons are impressive, and the resources, delivery, professionalism of staff, and their passion are infectious. All of the children who take part in the programme engage with it fully and look forward to the sessions all week. Furthermore, it has engaged parents with their children’s learning even further as they interact with their resource books. Myself and all of the staff at our school highly recommend LifeWise – but, even more importantly: so do our children!

Joshua McDonald
Headteacher of St Buryan

Programme Benefits For Partners

  • Offer schools an unrivalled PSHE programme that provides high-quality material
  • Get all the information you need to deliver better PSHE lessons for your students
  • Add value and increase students’ classroom engagement
  • Cut your workload with 4 years’ worth of PSHE lessons containing easy step-by-step guides
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Using high-quality interactive tools such as sticker books, flip charts, and lesson plans, our programmes help better prepare kids for life using sport and exercise as the driving tool. The programme gives you 4 years of high-standard lesson plans and step-by-step help for PSHE coaches.

Simply request a demo and we will be in touch shortly to take you through the product and how we can help within your own business.

Each business will be individually priced based on a number of factors, such as the amount of schools. The majority of costs will be covered by the schools and partnerships, so costs for a provider will be minimal.